Medical gag

The Jennings gag and Whitehead gag are proper medical devices made from surgical stainless steel that are often featured in ‘doctor/nurse and patient’ porn or BDSM scenes. They are both fully adjustable and being designed for re-use are easy to clean.

The main difference is that the Jennings has the ratchet only on one side, with the Whitehead being on both sides. They certainly look the part but potential buyers may wish to consider that uncushioned metal directly against the teeth may be an issue if used regularly, though being designed for this purpose the manufacturers obviously try to minimise this.

If you’re looking for an incredibly sturdy and strong open-mouth gag that will accommodate all mouth sizes, these are definitely worth considering as they should last you a lifetime! Click below for more information.

Jennings gag


Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag

Whitehead gag

Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag